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  • Danuta

How solid are your fundaments?

Have you ever stopped and looked back?

What have you seen there?

Study case:

- Fast growing production company with big opportunities;

- Lenth of trading: around 2 years;

- Number of employees: roughly 150;

- A profitable contract has just been signed with guarantee of at least 2 years contious trading.

- 2 large government grants just been placed.

All related issues were solved at this same time they have arisen. There was no time to take a break and look back, there was no time to take a breath and analyse,no much time to re-think.


It was a clear picture of our general being and genetal trade tendences.

Just use your imagination and visualise this company portfolio.

- production lane based on two-shifts system,

- 2 commercial vans ( Ducato Maxi type) successive and regular routes between the client and company,

- 10 skilled team leaders,

- one self- employed owner.

- the client who is intrested with long term and increasing orders.

The company, we are talking about, started with just 10 staff, which had to be enlarged up to 150employees due to this contract (not even two years).

The client's needs day by day were bigger, they kept increase their orders, Actually, that was ongoing great opportunity. That was the shot at the brass ring!

There was no time to stop, look back and think - what can be wrong, what should be fixed. Only the most worrying issues were ressolved, only the most necessary paper works been done. Nothing that wasn't with emergency status...was based on: we will do tomorrow.

I would not say that tomorrow never came. I would rather say that even if it was tomorrow, that could be firmly too late.

What is the mutual point between rain, missing signature and tomorrow?

Bad luck. It was a raining morning, the ambulance driver has been returning home after night shift, he never seen me. My car was slightly hit by his car. Nothing serious, but to make sure we both are fine we called ambulance. In the hospital after examination, I was asked by a doctor are you choosing to keep the baby or your company. Before that I didn't know I'm pregnant. My decision was obviouse, I couldn't doubt it. I went for a sick line, I hired a manager to act on my behalf and represent my company and also take control of my leaders and other staff.

That was mine biggest mistake I could ever make!

I should have first find and hire the temperary management cover, then to take time off due to my health condition.


By the Polish law, if you are not fit to work you are not allowed to come to work place, unconditional. For every self-employed person, signing contracts it is part of job responsibilities. If you do it, local Tax Office may abolish your sick line entitlement straight. Further down it may affect all related sick statutory payments by local work and pension authorities. In the worse case scenario, even your car insury may refused any future cover and compensation for your personal injury. Sadly that is also related to any other kind of insurance polices such as personal, and life insurance accident insurance, private pension cover. It is more serious then it sounds...

That one missing signature on the day of the accident caused incidents wave leading to the closure of the company with big debts.

It is doesn't matter that this situation was placed in Poland, the point is that most of us do not pay enough attention to things that can be done tomorrow, and then when something will happen - we have no choice.

I knew that it is necessary to hire a manager, I even was after a word with a right person, I just "had no time" to hire her and to introduce in her duties.

One day a week to double check, to re-think, to do things what can be done tomorrow - can save your company and your health.

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