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Does this picture look familiar? No?

Try to imagine an information flow in your company.

Try to remember every single piece of disinformation and all the problems associated with it.

Try to remember any of your past projects.

For example:

- building a new house,

- implementing a new production line,

- renovation of your restaurant,

or just simply,an ordinary day in your company.

Did it run smoothly and simply? or maybe looked more like the picture.

How much time have you and your team wasted?

How much it did it cost you?

Is there any overproduction in your company?

Does your warehouse run as efficient as you wish it to?


If now, this picture looks familiar, let me introduce you to one from the greatest tools of Lean Manufacturing.


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts

" the manager of your company you should know what kind of tools are used by the best in their work to be truly able to consciously say , „This is not suitable for my company because…” like that, and be able to provide reason."

Maybe You already know something about Kanban and you think it is too complicated. The whole implementation process, i.e. training, Kanban boards... can be scary. But one thing what you have to know is that each Kanban solution works itself. You don't have to apply all the Kanban system to make a profit on it.

Kanban is the way of thinking

Try to find free parking space on the picture below.

Now, calculate how much time you wasted each day looking for it. Hmmm a lot I think.

And now, try to find a parking space on this picture.

Was it easier? Indeed. This is how Kanban system works. These green lights are Kanban signals.

Ready to know something more? Ready to start improving your company, please download and read this short guide, it explains to you how small changes can save your time and money.

Kanban part 1

ps. no email address needed ;)

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