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Don't find fault, find a remedy. - Henry Ford


Problem - Falling profitability of ongoing work and repetitive costly complaints.



Due to the specifics and organisation of the companies work, we decided to use a hidden audit. I was employed as a works manager, and the only person who was aware of the review was the owner of the company.
This situation allowed me to get in touch with the employees of the company and, consequently, to reach the heart of the real problem.

   The situation at the entrance - Employees were partially charged monetarily with complaints, because the technologists, construction managers and the owner of the company maintained that the problem of scattered floors was the fault of not using technology properly by employees.

   In the middle of the project, it turned out that the main complaint there would be a very high probability of a charge  £ 800.000. Accepting such a heavy burden would lead to the bankruptcy of the company and the owner.

   Exit situation - The responsibility for the damage was charged to the building inspector by permitting the installation of material which did not comply with the required building standard. Besides, I discovered through research, another cement counterfeiting company. So after phone calls throughout Poland to various institutions, I sent samples to the universities. Following this, the Cement Association of Poland contacted me to take appropriate steps to eliminate such a dangerous and inferior product. The owner of the construction company was consequently charged with the penalty of £8,000, and only because of his procedural errors.

   Profitability - by analysing real sales costs, eliminating dead traces, minimising waste of material, etc, ROS's profitability improved by 28%.

Finally, I became the author of an article in the prestigious building magazine "Construction, Technology, Architecture" - Publishing House - Cement Association of Poland


A few months ago, we were asked by one of our new clients to deal with their previous years VAT affairs. After careful verification and re-calculation, we noticed hundreds of mistakes made by other accountancy providers. The volume of work, documents check, and a necessary amendment was huge. We decided to use an external auditor (DW Audit Services Ltd) for helping us with this compliance. During these few months of co-operation and collaboration, DW Audit Services Ltd has been efficient and proactive, particularly in meeting deadlines and their added value support on financial issues. We would recommend DW Auditing Services Ltd to any company who require any help with standards and internal auditing.

Ewelina Chin - Director of Grown Renown CIC 

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