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What is a company?

Dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of carefully interwoven threads, connecting unrelated points.

An owner?

A visionary, a passionate, a magician. Out of millions of available elements, he has chosen a few to be connected with a thread. As time passed by, he would find other points worth linking, eventually creating a network. A connection network.

Some of the weakest links, under the pressure of the growing network, die, fall apart, break ...

The owner promptly replaces them with new ones, fixing broken connections.

With time, the network grows too massive for the owner to keep up with repairing all those broken ties. Then the game is joined - 

Director, manager, supervisor?

He receives from the owner one part of the network to maintain and expand. As time passes by, another one appears, the system gets divided into three, four and more.

The network keeps growing and growing.

But proportionally?

Are all networks elements based on massive strong bases to support more elaborate sectors of the network? 

Are the connections requiring the utmost attention, and not because of the fact of being where they are, but because of their more significant, more remote parts, seemingly detached from them - constantly patched up?

Does not the network happen to be so vast that it might require additional support? ...


An auditor?


A necessary evil, a stranger, running rampant around this carefully weaved and nursed network.

But is it for sure?

This stranger, due to the fact that he is not used to the structure of the network, follows weakest links, hits weakest points, falls into holes. Places that everyone has learned to omit.

Is this bad?

Or maybe it is high time someone strengthened those places or broke weakest links so they would not fall apart uncontrollably.

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